Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

Diesel Particulate Filters CPSI/MIL Diameters Material CTE
(x 10-6/ºC,
RT-800 ºC)
Porosity % Median Pore Size (µm)
Passenger / Light Duty 300/13 5" - 13" Aluminum Titanate (AT) 1.0 50 15
High Soot Mass Limit 300/13 ACT 5" - 13" Aluminum Titanate (AT) 1.0 50 15
Thin Wall / Low Porosity 300/10 5" - 13" Aluminum Titanate (AT) 1.0 50 15
Heavy Duty / High Durability 300/13 5" - 13" Aluminum Titanate (AT) 1.0 50 15
Heavy Duty / Pressure Drop 200/12 7.5" - 13" Advanced Cordierite (AC) 0.5 50 18-20
Heavy Duty / Pressure Drop 200/18 7.5" - 11.5" Advanced Cordierite (AC) 0.5 50 18-20
Heavy Duty / Pressure Drop 300/15 ACT 5.5" - 11.5" Advanced Cordierite (AC) 0.5 50 18-20

Diesel Wall-Flow Particulate Filters (DPF) Diesel Particulate Matter (PM) emissions pose serious health concerns and are under strict environmental regulations. Diesel Filter after-treatment technology is currently used to remediate PM emissions.
Diesel Wall-Flow Particulate Filters (DPF)

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Our Advanced Cordierite (AC) and Aluminum Titanate (AT) Diesel Particulate Filters are designed for a variety of application including:

     – On-Road Passenger/Medium/Heavy-Duty Vehicles
     – Stationary Engines
     – Power Generation
     – Dust Control
     – Mining Equipment
     – Construction
     – Marine
     – Material Handling
     – Locomotive

Innovative Technology
Our Diesel Particulate Filters utilize, Advanced Cordierite (AC) or Aluminum Titanate (AT) wall-flow monoliths to trap the soot produced by diesel engines. The cylindrical filter element consists of many square parallel channels running in the axial direction, separated by thin porous walls. The channels are open at one end, but plugged at the other. This way the particle laden exhaust gases are forced to flow through the walls. Gas is able to escape through the pores in the wall material. Particulates, however, are too large to escape and are trapped in the filter walls. Periodically the filter is regenerated (heated) to consume the soot and clean the filter.

Heavy Duty Diesel
Cordierite and SiC filters are two of the most viable solutions available for use today. Cordierite filters have been used mostly in heavy-duty engine applications. Our Advanced Cordierite (AC) material has a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and can survive thermal shock.

Silicon Carbide (SiC), on the other hand, has a lower thermal shock resistance and thus needs to be segmented. The segmentation increases manufacturing costs and is a concern because of potential mechanical integrity issues.

Diesel Wall-Flow Particulate Filters (DPF) Diesel Passenger & Light-Duty Vehicles
For the popular diesel powered passenger cars, particularly in Europe, Diesel particulate filters have been integrated to control Particulate Matter (PM) emissions. Due to their outstanding durability, filtration efficiencies and pressure drop attributes; Our Aluminum Titanate (AT) filters are an excellent fit for demanding applications in diesel passenger cars and light-duty diesel applications.

Aluminum Titanate (AT) is a ceramic oxide composite. The composition is highly refractory with a melting temperature exceeding 1500ºC. The high heat capacity of the composition is an attribute that is beneficial for thermal management and allows the filter regeneration temperature to be low.