Stationary Emission Catalysts

Stationary Substrates CPSI/INCH Material Pitch (mm) Geometric Surface Area (sq. inch per cubic inch) CTE
(x 10-6/ºC,
RT-800 ºC)
Porosity %
Stationary Substrate 64/12 Cordierite 3.175 28.9 1.0 (1.25 max) 35
Stationary Substrate 100/15 Cordierite 2.540 33.2 1.0 (1.25 max) 35
Stationary Substrate 230/7 Cordierite 1.676 54.3 1.0 (1.25 max) 35
Stationary Substrate 400/7 Cordierite 1.270 68.8 1.0 (1.25 max) 35

Stationary Emission Catalysts Our Cellular Ceramic Substrates & Catalysts are used in stationary catalytic systems to help curb air pollution from power plants, refineries, chemical processing plants, and in many other industrial applications.

These cellular ceramic substrates can also be used in systems designed to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from operations such as printers, dry cleaners, paint shops and plastic-mold shops.

With their high geometric surface area and low-pressure drop, our Ceramic Catalysts are one of the most widely specified Ceramic Media for stationary applications worldwide.

Our cellular ceramic supports can help you achieve efficiencies and improved performance in both new and retrofit emission control systems. These advanced ceramic media supports provide:

     – Attractive pressure drop characteristics to enable efficient fan operation.
     – Modularity that provides high conversion efficiency while minimizing space requirements
     – Light weight to facilitate installation and servicing
     – A low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for high resistance to thermal shock, helping ensure the integrity of the product over the anticipated life of the catalyst.
     – High thermal durability, enabling them to withstand operating temperatures of 1200ºC and spikes to 1410ºC.
     – Application design flexibility with a choice of cell densities and wall thicknesses to help optimize catalyst-bedding design.
     – The ability to be finished to fit various contours for use in large bed assemblies.

Stationary Emission Catalysts CO & VOC Oxidation Catalyst
Power plants using natural gas to generate electricity are considered serious point sources of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter. Plant operators are being challenged to meet strict emission standards.

For the treatment of emissions from these generators, We offer CO Oxidation Catalysts that destroy CO and VOCs from natural gas and oil fired turbines and boilers.

Stationary Emission Catalysts

Stationary Emission Catalysts For the power generation, petro-chemical and industrial processing industries, Logical offers Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalyst (SCR) technology to meet the stringent NOx requirements. Our SCR Catalysts can also destroy carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons with oxidation catalysts. An integrated particulate trap can be applied to capture fine particulate matter.

We use unique catalyst management product features that include:

     – High NOx removal activity
     – Low pressure drop & ammonia slip
     – High resistance to poisoning and erosion
     – Low SO2 conversion rate
     – High durability & stability

Stationary Emission Catalysts The catalysts are specially formulated to withstand high operating temperatures, and the ceramic substrates can withstand thermal shock associated with rapid startups, shutdowns and turbine trips. This means there is no restrictions on how fast a turbine can be brought up to full-load operation.