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The Company

Logical Clean Air Solutions is a leading source for clean air technologies. We aim to help vehicle & equipment manufacturers fulfill their needs for ceramic components & catalysts used in production of emissions control systems.

Our Ceramic Substrates and Diesel Particulate Filters form the core of world-class pollution control systems for mobile applications, including light-duty gasoline and diesel passenger cars and trucks, and heavy-duty diesel on-road and non-road vehicles. Our products are also used in stationary applications to help curb air pollution from power plants, chemical processing plants, refineries, power generators, and other stationary sources. We work closely with customers to meet their objectives for performance, cost, fuel efficiency, emissions reduction, durability, and system optimization across all gasoline and diesel applications.

Consulting and Integration Services

In collaboration with our global network of manufacturers, Logical Clean Air Solutions facilitates design, engineering, and prototyping services for development, implementation, and validation of emissions control and pollutant monitoring systems for on-road, non-road, and industrial applications. Our worldwide network of service, engineering, and manufacturing affiliates allow us to provide quality products, market understanding, and reliable supply to our global customers.

Customer Focus Industry Partnership

In recent conjunction with leading chemical engineers and scientists, we can now offer award-winning catalyst technologies to OEM's and the Aftermarket. The superior performance, proven durability and cost-effectiveness gives a supreme advantage to our customers. This advantage comes from creating a catalyst that uses unique nanostructures with superior stability under prolonged exposure to high temperatures. This technology enables the oxidizing catalysts in its compounds to resist sintering, or fusing, thereby maintaining a high catalytic surface area. Our Catalysts can be applied to reciprocating engines fueled by gasoline, natural gas, diesel, LPG and synthetic fuels at any size engine displacement.

The Difference That We Make

Not only do we offer many types of emissions solutions for OEM and Aftermarket applications; we also provide competitive turnaround times, a quality guarantee and dedicated product support functions. Logical Clean Air Solutions strives to be a one-stop shop for all your emission control needs